Bingo Kondowe

Art is a form of therapy, remedy, an escape plan into mental freedom and a voice of will. It is very personal and spiritual, and aim to provoke contemporary past, present and perhaps future affairs. The idea is aimed to create a correlation between spirituality and reality. Bingo Kondowe strives to inspire black people who do not see a relationship between themselves and the biblical people, because of the western translations, that was imparted to most of Malawian people by virtual. He creates images that birth a sense of belonging, which is done by painting images of black African people and connecting them to the events as well. Having a privilege of growing up in a poor country and relocating to a better one, inspired Kondowe’s craft to serve as a testimony and a tool for sharing best practices, through his own personal experiences and by making a comparison between underdeveloped countries to developed or developing countries. The paintings are mostly done on a stretched canvas, and he uses acrylics, charcoal, ink and oil paints. The body of work is mostly personal opinions and beliefs, nevertheless, he allows the audience to have room for their own translations, meaning and understanding on the work that he produces.

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