Aneesah Girie

My artistic practice serves as an investigation and mapping of linage, movement and ingrained narratives that exists within textiles. My practice is centered around the ideas of materiality both of which is investigated through its physical forms as well as through metaphorical conceptions. The headscarf or the ‘Hijab’ is the primary material component within my art practice. These scarfs were given to me, passed down through familial linages and collected over the years. I am most interested in their material quality, not only through their worn and worn(ness) but also, how they become symbols of identification, re-presentation and womanhood. Through manipulating, strengthening, and re-observing what it means to represent and to wear these scarves intend to find ways of disruption: disruption of stereotypical renditions of the veiled woman, disruption of the supposed ‘soft’ ‘gentle’ and ‘subdued’ woman, the disruption of the supposed fragility and frailty associated with the scarf. But rather how the scarf becomes celebrated, acknowledged, recognized, and associated with agency, defiance and power asserted by and produced by woman.

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