Phumasilwe ( Step out, let's fight ) is a dense corrugated iron cornfield ( Informal settlement ) located in Thembisa. The stench of vomited Surridge pipes and a loud thumping of house and xitsonga music welcomes you on entry. On almost every corner circles are formed, be it for alcohol consumption or gambling (dice games ). The corridors between shacks are narrow and they create a maze-like experience. Amid all the noise and commotion, the angelic voices of children playing can be heard. The cheerful screams rise from the dust of uneven terrain where soccer and tyre races gather supporters. The children do not see the chaos in their environment, but maybe they do. I didn't ask them for I figured I would be disturbing the peace which posses them so beautifully. Pain is evident in the elders' eyes, many of them have been living under these below human standard conditions since 1994. Muggings and occasional murders take place here, the police are invited to reconcile these matters but the invitations collide with a brick wall. They hope the government to intervene and relocated them, but they do not see that happening anytime soon so all they can do is make the most of the life they have.

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