Terms and Conditions to exhibit on the Joburg Fringe

Exhibitor Terms and Conditions for exhibiting on the Joburg Fringe

All Joburg Fringe tenants (including their exhibitors, artists, guests and helpers) are bound by the following terms if participating in the Joburg Fringe in any way.  

Venue:  Victoria Yards, 24 Victoria Rd, Lorentzville, Joburg.

Opening: 6 September 2017 at 4pm, runs from 7-10 September 2017.

Opening hours:  watch this space

The Joburg Fringe agrees to supply a space in the venue, a digital catalogue and media coverage only.

Please read this IMPORTANT NOTICE about the limits to our responsibilities

  • Everyone uses and visits the Joburg Fringe venue and related facilities (parking, toilets etc) at their own risk.
  • We will secure the premises between closing time and opening time. We will  take care within our capacity to keep tenants and their property safe in the venue.
  • But we do not supply a Joburg Fringe security guard and are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage anyone suffers including but not limited to injuries, theft, assault, deliberate or accidental damage to works while using or visiting the venue or related facilities, even if we (including anyone doing work for us) are negligent.
  • It is the tenant’s sole responsibility to look after their work and personal property.
  • We believe the venue to be safe but you are urged to exercise caution when moving around, preparing exhibits etc. Keep computers and other valuables with you at all times.

The Fringe tenants agree to:

  • Pay for their space, by Wednesday 2nd of August 2017. Bank details: Joburg Fringe Bank: First National Bank Branch: Rosebank, Johannesburg Account no: 62326005578 Branch code: 253305 Swift address: FIRNZAJJ  Reference: artists name.
  • Put up work by 4pm on Wednesday 6th  September 2017.
  • Keep their area clean and tidy, and keep passages clear of obstructions.
  • Respect fellow exhibitors and guests and maintain visibility of other works.
  • Take down and remove all work by 11.00am on Tuesday 12th September 2017.
  • Always have a responsible person at their booths during opening hours.
  • Bring their own table, chairs, tools, electrical cables, double adaptors, extension cords and any other items they need.
  • Insure their own work, equipment and personal possessions against all risks.