Preparing your submission

Here are some guidelines:

We understand that there is quite a lot of information being asked for. To make this easier the submission form does not have to be completed all in one go. You can populate it and edit by returning to it repeatedly, as long as you are logged in – just click the “Submission” link under the “Submissions 2017” tab. That said there are a few fields that have to be filled in before you can submit it for the first time. We need this information to start processing your application and to keep in touch with you. If you are unable to do this on-line please ask a young (or if you are a young person, then a young computer-savvy) person to help you. If you are still unable, please contact Claudia on

The judges will need to see photos of your work to be able to select who will be on the show. Images uploaded should be min. 1200 max 2000 pixels in the largest dimension for us to see your work properly. Larger images will be downscaled. You do not have to submit all the images at one time – you can come back and edit your submission later, just be sure to get everything together by the submission deadline. We may ask you later to re-upload hi res images of some of your work for press purposes.

Videos files are normally quite large and our server runs on a Blikkiesdorp budget = limited space. If you wish to submit video material please upload it onto a site like Vimeo or Youtube and put a link into the submission form alongside a description of the work.

Your feature image will be cropped to a 720 x 380 (wide format) and placed at the top of your page so be sure it still makes sense cropped to that format.

We don’t correct typos, nor edit down lengthy texts to fit into the format on the web site. What you submit will go directly  into the catalogue so be sure it is not too long. Have a look at the past catalogues to get an idea.

CV: Information that is useful is

  • Background and training
  • A few past exhibitions
  • The medium(s) you typically work with

Special requirements:
We do not supply projectors, sound systems or special constructions except for a planned video venue where video works will be screened one after the other in a looped fashion. There is a place on the submission form where you can detail anything you need such as rigging points or things that might impact on your neighbours etc.

We do not have credit card facilities, we suggest payments be done by EFT.

Good luck and if you have any feedback or questions, write to Start populating your submissions now. You can always change / add /edit later.