The Joburg Fringe first ever show in Cape Town will run from 8-12 Febuary 2019
PREVIEW on Friday 8th at 6pm
Open daily on 9,10,11,12 Feb from 10:00 to 16:00
VENUE Ruth Prowse School of Art in Cape Town,
at the top of Birkdale Avenue, 5 Elson Road Woodstock.

Featuring works by: Advik Beni (South Africa) / Alice S and Jennifer W-S (South Africa) / Almut Determeyer (Germany) / Amogelang Maepa (Tshwane SA) / Andrew Lindsay (Joburg SA) / Ashley Ellis (South Africa) / Aurèle Ferrier (Switzerland) / Brett Seiler (Cape Town SA) / Chiedza Nyebera Pfister (Zimbabwe/Switzerland) / Chloë Reid (South Africa) / Christel Liebenberg (South Africa) / Claudia Shneider (South Africa/Germany) / Errico Cassar (Cape Town SA) / Jean-Michel Rolland (France) / Loryn Thomas (South Africa) / Kutlwano Monyai (Tshwane SA) / Lizette Chirrime (Moçambique) / Lubanzadyo Mpemba (Angola) / Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru) / Marlene Carpenter (Joburg SA) / Mbali Tshabalala (Joburg, Cape Town SA) / Mcebisi Sidlai (South Africa) / Mireille Ribière (France/England) / Naledi Segale (South Africa) / Ngozi Chukura (Botswana) / Nicola Holgate (South Africa) / Noah Swinney (South Africa) / Phoka Nyokong (South Africa) / Sophie Joans (Cape Town South Africa) / Stian Deetlefs (Richards Bay SA) / Rhona Mühlebach (Scotland/Switzerland) / Rose Mara Kielela (Brazil/Angola) / Ross Culverwell (South Africa) / Tetsuya Maruyama (Japan/Brazil) / Warrick Sony (Cape Town SA) / Wonder (Cape Town SA)         VideoART! is our annual special feature show, the current compilation curated by Jackie Ruth Murray.

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